Our Invitation

Another DIY project of ours was the invitation.
I (Edna) did the design and layout of the invitation and the entourage insert.
Mon did the map.

We used free fonts and this great free software called Inkscape. Then we had it printed on good quality paper in Recto.
Cost of printing: Php75 apiece, including envelopes and the monogram.

Here is the main invitation.


This is the entourage insert.

A little side story though.
This is actually not the one that was printed.
We had assigned the entourage a long time before the wedding.
However, in several different circumstances, our original best man couldn’t make it at the last minute.
Yep, a month before the wedding.
Then, my brother, the cord sponsor, and his daughter (my neice), one of the flower girls, couldn’t fly in from the US.
We had no choice but to reassign the wedding entourage.
This is of the actual wedding entourage.


And here is my husband’s masterpiece. (Inside joke. Hahaha.)


Thank you!

If you are one of our guests and reading this, then you might have plans on coming to our wedding!

This post is for our guests who will be staying in Bacolod temporarily.

These are where we think you can stay.

Please click on this post by Glady, my blogger friend.


Out of the comprehensive list above, we recommend the following due to their location.

1) L’ Chalet (by L’Fisher) – Lacson St.

2) Royal Am Rei Hotel – 13th St. near Lacson St.

3) 11th Bed and Breakfast – 11th St. near Lacson St.

4) Nature’s Village – quite a distance from Bacolod but this is where we will be having our reception.

5) MO2 Westown Hotel – Lacson St., near Robinsons

6) Business Inn Hotel – Lacson St. near the public plaza, cathedra, the central market and SM mall is relatively near.

7) O Hotel – Near Lacson St., public plaza, cathedral, SM

As part of the requirements for a Catholic Wedding, the church requires all couples to undergo the Canonical Interview and the Pre-Cana Seminar.

In February 7 to 8, 2012, (every afternoon) we attended ours at the Commission on Family Life, Sacred Heart Seminary (Lupit Church compound) in Bacolod City.

First day, we had our canonical interview / investigation with Tita Rose Tan. It was a very enriching experience for us. Sabi nga ni Mon, “First time kong naikwento ang buong love life ko sa loob ng isa’t kalahating oras.” The interview was one on one.

In all honesty, I was a bit nervous. Haha! Anything with an “interview” in the description is and has always been nerve wracking for me, and so, it was a huge relief when I saw Tita Rose’s face when I entered the room when it was my turn. She was all smiles and the first thing she said was, “Ta, you deserve each other!”. My heart was all smiles! 🙂 There I was, standing, hearing an affirmation that indeed, we deserve each other. 🙂 Corny ko, but it was really a kilig moment for me.

After my interview, I called Mon inside the room. It was time for our pre-cana seminar. Tita Rose talked to us and gave some of the results of our interview. It was a very light moment, with some very interesting revelations on how we see each other as a couple.

Second day, we had the responsible parenthood in natural family planning seminar led by Tita Terry Canlas. We started with a prayer led by me. It was very educational, I must say. We were taught how to do the Billings Method of planning. After that, we were given an orientation on the flow of the wedding ceremony. We capped the seminar by a prayer led by Mon.

That’s it. We have to submit the other requirements (Status of Liberty from the groom, Baptismal Certificates, Confirmation Certificates) before we get our certificates.

The Piso Sale Frenzy

Just a quick update.

It was Cebu Pacific’s Piso Sale yesterday (I guess up to tomorrow?).
I emailed my office mates about it, and guess what?
Everybody was booking flights to go to our wedding! It was so heartwarming to see that they’d go make an extra effort, even if it will mean filing leaves from work. 🙂

Suddenly I felt pressured. Hahaha! But the pressure is good. 🙂

Thank you Lord!

DIY – The Cord

A non-negotiable DIY project for our wedding is the cord simply because I have been imagining this since day one of our wedding preps. *grin*

To end my procrastination, one Saturday afternoon, I dragged my lazy self out of Alabang to Villalobos St. in Quiapo. I bought my supplies and started my project as soon as I got home.

I finished it the day after.

My inspiration for our cord were Disney Couture’s Kidada wrap bracelets as designed by Kidada Jones.

So here goes:

The gold plated chain intertwined with the faux leather cord. The pearls and beads acted as charms as I cannot find good quality charms.

I used  a big faux mother-of-pearl pendant to link the two loops. I added our initials and a cross pendant.

🙂 Whew!

The materials used were:

– off-white faux leather cord
– gold plated chain
– gold plated jump rings
– gold plated eye pins
– pearls
– crystal beads
– heart glass beads
– faux mother of pearl pendant
– letter (R and E) charms / pendants
– gold plated cross pendant
– scissors
– pliers

Labor of love approximate time spent:         7 hours (Bah! Slowpoke.)

In the Philippines, it is said that when two people get married, they are actually marrying both of their families together. Thus, the “pamamanhikan”, or in Ilonggo, “pamalaye” is considered as one of the “steps” a traditional couple undergoes before marriage.

I have asked some married friends what they did during the pamalaye. Some said, it was just for formality since the two families have already known each other for so long. Others said, it was just a casual family affair, with small chitchats and lots of food. Another even told me they had organized a family outing.

Ours went like this.

I had to take a leave from my work in Manila so I can prepare as the host family for the pamamanhikan. Sept. 9, 2011, Friday, I flew to Bacolod.

My brother, from Los Banos; my sister, from Makati; and my Lola from Manila, caught the first flight out of Manila to Bacolod the next day, Sept. 10, 2011.

Mon and his family (dad, mom, sister, and two nephews) met at NAIA Terminal 3 around noon of Sept. 10. Mon was just staying in Alabang while his family left Bataan at dawn. They arrived in Bacolod at around 2pm.

My mother and I fetched them at the airport. We went straight to the Eroreco house for a semi-formal introduction since it was the first time our families have met. Mon’s family brought us a box of tinapang bangus and puto from Bataan!

We had merienda at Bob’s before checking Mon and his family in their hotel. Everybody needed rest from the long travel.

At around 6pm, we went to the Bakyas family house to proceed with the formal pamalaye. I was surprised seeing everybody there. All of the titas (father side) were there, along with some cousins. Tito Rex was the designated master chef, as usual.

After welcoming Mon’s family into our home, Mama began the formal meeting by introducing our family to Mon’s family, telling some stories in between. In response, Mon’s father told some stories of their own family as well. The intros went smoothly, though it was surprisingly (or un-surprisingly? knowing my mother…) too formal for me. Haha! I can only imagine how Mon felt.

Mon then formally asked my mother for permission to marry me. After some lengthy “advise from the elders” my mother said yes! Yey! Though, my mother got teary eyed in between, with my father being gone and maybe partly because, well, I am her eldest.

After the “talks” was the much awaited feast!

Mon particularly requested for 2 dishes: Cansi (Ilonggo bulalo), adobo nga pusit nga itom ang sabaw (squid adobo with black ink). Apart from these two that Mon requested, Tito Rex’s menu for the night also included sizzling scallops and sinugba nga bangus. For panghimagas (dessert) we had puto na may itlog na maalat (rice steam cakes with salted eggs) straight from Bataan! Everything was delicious!

After dinner, we chatted a bit. Not long after, we went back to the hotel and to Eroreco.

Everyone was happy that night.

P.S. The only regret I had was that I forgot to document the whole thing! I should have given my camera to my sister. Darn.

At least I have this.

(Family pic of the Bob’s merienda.)

Been thinking of designing our own monogram.

Here are my studies:

He liked the last one the most.